I'm June, 26, work in NYC and live in New Jersey. I'm losing weight by exercising and eating right. I am not dieting, nor do I have any interest in ever dieting again. I've lost 44.4 pounds since May 2013.
"Don’t miss out on something that could be great just because it could also be difficult.”
— Unknown (via breanna-lynn)


Today I am thankful for…
1. My Friends who are always around for a laugh and advice. Or to tease and be teased by.
2. My cats who are ridiculous assholes but also sweet babies with way to much fur.
3. My medicine because without it I might not want to leave my bed to see all the lovely things here in the outside world.

I am so glad you’re up and enjoying the lovely world outside. And as an owner of an asshole cat, I know how you feel. Sometimes I wonder how I can love that little fur ball terrorist so much as she munches on my toes at night! But alas, she owns me with her cute little cat body.